Be protected! Protect yourself, your family and friends from the harmful effect of radiation from your electronic devices with "24k Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Sticker"!


What is 24k Gold Plated Anti-radiation Sticker?

  • The 24K Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Sticker is a highly advance breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation by up to 99.99%.
  • Scientifically proven by Korea research center, with a test certificate issued.
  • Key ingredients used are Nickel and Gold.
  • Many Benefits of using 24K Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Patch. (See Below)
  • 11 Unique designs to choose from. (See here)
  • Made in South Korea.

24k Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Sticker Benefits

We are fortunate to be in a world that is loaded with all kinds of gadgets designed to make our lives better. Cellphones, computers, air conditioners - all of these things and more have definitely improved our quality of life. However, the downside is that these devices emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation waves, which can cause damage to our bodies in the long run.

The Anti-Radiation Sticker takes advantage of the natural properties of nickel and gold to shield your body from EMF waves produced by such seemingly innocuous devices such as cellphones and laptops. Considering how often we carry these kinds of gadgets for extended periods of time, the Anti-Radiation Sticker is a valuable and reasonably priced deterrent against the potentially dangerous effects that radiation can bring.

The 24K Gold-Plated Anti-Radiation Sticker is a great add-on to your everyday gadgets, and you can use more than one on a device to ensure that harmful EMF is kept away from you and your loved ones. We makes it easier to keep you and everyone around healthy and happy with our low pricing on these small wonders of technology. Now, P50 is all it takes to make your phone, PSP or any other electrically-powered gadget totally safe for daily use!